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About Us

Hey, it's me Brenna Rea! I'm a Mother of 1 (almost 2, due in October), a Wife, a college graduate, a lover of reading and the creator of Zuri Goods. Zuri Goods was started soon after my husband and I had our first child (Ivory). We wanted to find wall decor for Ivory's nursery that had her name on it but couldn't find anything that we liked. We really loved nurseries that had a Scandinavian and minimal design to them. 

After searching and searching without finding anything we decided to make a sign ourselves for Ivory's room. Then, others started asking if we could make a sign for their kids room. We thought we might have something here so from there we started a website and doing popup shops to help others design the perfect wall decor for their little ones room. 

Fast forward to today we not only design signs for nurseries and kids rooms but we also design natural wood products for home decor, weddings, birth announcements, holidays, birthdays and any other special occasion that needs great design.

If you have an idea for your project we can help make it a reality feel free to reach out to us at